Top States for Physical Therapy Jobs


Being a Physical Therapist is a challenging (but rewarding) career. You can work just about anywhere – but where should you go? Which states have the highest salaries? Everyone wants to be paid top dollar no matter what profession they are, so let’s look at the top paying states for Physical Therapy jobs.

Top paying states for Physical Therapists (and their annual mean wages):

1. Nevada ($115,220)

2. Alaska ($96,800)

3. California ($91,330)

4. Texas ($90,890)

5. New Jersey ($90,750)

High salaries are great, but how about the states that have the best employment rates? Going where the jobs are available is obviously a good move!

States with the highest employment levels for Physical Therapists:

1. California

2. New York

3. Florida

4. Texas

5. Pennsylvania

Here at MAS Medical Staffing, we have many open Physical Therapy jobs around the country, with more coming in daily!  When taking a position through us, we guarantee the best pay for each contract or placement.

Just because we are talking about Physical Therapy jobs, don’t think we have a lack of Physical Therapist Assistant jobs! PTA jobs are also on the rise for the same reasons as Physical Therapists, with Texas being the number one state for PTA jobs. MAS Medical Staffing has many Physical Therapist Assistant jobs available around the country, too.

Give us a call today to find your next PT or PTA job!

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