Top Medical Staffing Options for 2014


Whether you are a candidate looking for work in the healthcare field or are an organization looking to meet your staffing needs, there are several options for how to achieve your goals. The top three are permanent, travel, and per diem staffing. Each offers its own unique benefits. Candidates can find positions with the location and flexibility they desire, and employers need only add to their staff for as long as they need them. It’s a win-win situation!

Permanent Staffing
A permanent employee is someone who is hired without a predetermined time limit on how long he or she will be with an organization.

For Candidates: Permanent positions are available nationwide. A search can be conducted for any part of the country you like, whether it is close to the place you call home now or further away. Careers include those in the areas of occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), nursing, speech therapy, and more.

For Employers: When a member of your team leaves it can be hard to find the perfect person to fill their shoes. Filling a permanent position can be risky, since the time and training it takes cost money. If it doesn’t work out, you have to start all over again. Medical staffing is a great way to have someone else do the searching for you and to narrow down the candidate pool. Recruiters understand the healthcare field and will conduct thorough background checks and verifications on your behalf. Even after a candidate has started working for you, the relationship continues to fill whatever needs may arise.

Travel Staffing
Travelers journey to a location in a temporary capacity to fill positions for professional development, adventure, and higher pay.

For Candidates: Do you enjoy your job? Do you enjoy travel? Sometimes being a full-time employee may seem like you can’t have both, but you really can. Travel positions open up a world of opportunities. Travel all 50 states, spending approximately 13 weeks in each spot. While there you will make new acquaintances, and hopefully friends, at work while being able to check out the sights on your time off. Take on as many or as few travel positions as you like.

For Employers: When your need for extra staff members is temporary, why go through the process of hiring another full-time employee? Travel staffing is a great way to find someone to cover for maternity leaves, the “busy season”, or while you’re waiting to find someone for permanent coverage. Travelers work at your facility for a pre-determined number of weeks and hours based on your needs.

Per Diem Staffing
Per diem means “per day.” Medical professionals, mainly nurses, fill short-term staffing needs at a facility.

For Candidates: Scheduling flexibility, consistency, and competitive hourly rate… just some of the makings of a great career as a per diem nurse. MAS provides New England per diem services throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Gain experience working in a variety of facilities and never get bored with the same old routine. Work only the shifts that are convenient for you, whether it is day, evening or overnight. Best of all, per diem work offers maximum earning potential. Many per diem nurses end up making more than their permanent counterparts.

For Employer: When someone is out it can be stressful on the rest of the staff. Healthcare facilities have to operate as a team, and each person is an important piece of the puzzle. Rather than feel the loss, allow medical staffing agencies to fill in your staffing holes on a daily basis. Per diem staffing can be utilized when you know someone will be out, if you are expecting an increase in patients at a certain time, or for unforeseen circumstances.


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