Special Ops Staffing does an outstanding job of identifying candidates and consistently pinpointing the right person for me and the Clinic. They really strive to understand what the my needs are so that they can forward the right person. Every candidate I receive is always well qualified and appropriate. Their success rate has been terrific.”

-Joan Applebee

Ability to pinpoint the right person
“I cannot say enough good things about Special Ops. From the CEO to the amazing staff (most of them have been there for years), they are always eager to help. I have had the pleasure of working with them as a candidate and in my current capacity as a hiring manager. Bottom line is you won’t be disappointed—as an employer or candidate.”

–James marlins

Amazing staff—always willing to help
Special Ops Staffing seems to be able to tap into a more viable core of talent. They take the time and effort to evaluate potential candidates prior to sending them to me.

-Peter Laksin


A more viable core of talent
I have used them to find a job and have used them to find executive assistants. I would highly recommend them. They are incredibly professional and look for the ideal fit for both the firm and individual. Hands down the best out there.”

–Irene B

Incredibly professional and highly-recommended