Hospital Nursing Jobs: 3 Interview Blunders


Are you looking for hospital nursing jobs? Whether you are a veteran nurse who has been working in a hospital for many years, an experienced nurse who is looking for a change in work environment, or a nursing student fresh out of college, developing a relationship with a medical staffing firm can help you gain access to the hospital nursing jobs you want. You may find yourself interviewing with an employer you didn’t even know was hiring. Additionally, staffing agencies can help you to prepare prior to any meetings with potential employers, fine tuning your resume and interviewing skills. Recruiters know the secrets of job hunting that you may not, including the 3 top mistakes most interviewees make:

1. They don’t know their goals. One of the most likely questions an interviewer is apt to ask is some variation of, “What are your goals?” This is a response you should have thought about prior to the interview. One way to figure your goals out is to think about short term objectives, and then describe how they can benefit the hospital. You can also address long term goals you may have. If you are unsure about you goals, talk it out with your staffing company recruiter.

2. They focus on the negative. It is important to stay positive throughout your interview. Even if it seems like the interviewer is asking a “trick” question or is inquiring about your weaknesses, turn them into positives by describing how you learned from them or what you did to correct your mistakes. Additionally, NEVER talk badly about a past employer. Your potential employer will question how loyal you will be to them in the future.

3. They don’t follow up. You may have had a great interview, but in order to ensure the hospital nursing jobs you’re going after becomes yours, you must stay at the top of the pile. Hiring managers go through countless interviews. Make an extra good impression by sending a thank you note the following day. Additionally, ask about the time frame in which they are hoping to make a decision before leaving the interview, and then call to follow-up.

Avoid these blunders and you will be ahead of the pack with your job interviewing skills. In order to truly have the advantage, partner with MAS Medical Staffing. Contact us today!

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